Tetrazinc Tin

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Tetrazinc Tin
Tetraoctyltin, also known as tetraoctyltin, has a molecular formula of C32H68Sn, a molecular weight of 571.5923 and a CAS registration number of 3590-84-9, and is mainly used in the production of PVC heat stabilizers.

Tetrazinc Tin

Basic information

Chinese name:Tetraoctyltin

English name:Tetraoctyltin;Tetra-n-octyltin;TOT


English Alias:stannane, tetraoctyl-; Tetraoctylstannane

CAS No.:3590-84-9

Molecular formula:C32H68Sn

Molecular weight:571.5923


Main application

Mainly used in the production of PVC heat stabilizer


System number

CAS No.: 3590-84-9

EINECS No.:222-733-7

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  • Tetrazinc Tin
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