Basic information of organotin stabilizer

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Basic information of organotin stabilizer

Additive for plastics.

Mainly used in food packaging film and other transparent PVC products.

Commonly used in industry are laurate, maleate and mercaptan.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) processing and molding process, efficient, excellent heat stabilizer, its thermal stability, transparency, are better than other PVC heat stabilizers. Methylmercaptan and its products have been recognized as non-toxic and safe by the West German Federal Health Agency (BGA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other world health supervision agencies.

Product properties.

It has outstanding performance in inhibiting the pre-coloring of PVC products during processing, excellent UV resistance and long-term stability, good fluidity, good color retention during processing, and good transparency of products. Especially, its light and heat stability reaches the international leading level, and can effectively maintain the secondary processing of recycling.

Basic information of organotin stabilizer

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