Storage conditions for organotin catalysts

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Storage conditions for organotin catalysts
Organotin catalyst storage conditions

Do polyurethane waterproof coating, each time you add organotin catalyst, a few days ago the night of heavy rain, organotin stored in a not very sealed bottle, 12 hours before use, the finished product, found that the effect of this organotin has become much worse, what is the reason ah? This is toxic, you should pay attention to storage it!

The main damage of organotin compounds to living organisms are: the central nervous system will cause cerebral white matter edema, cellular energy use in the oxidative phosphorylation process is blocked, the thymus and lymphatic system inhibitory effect, cellular immunity is hampered, hormone secretion inhibition caused by diabetes and hyperlipidemia. Toxicity to humans, local irritation of the skin, respiratory tract, cornea, through the skin or brain edema can cause systemic poisoning, and even death.

In 1958, France caused a 10% mortality rate (called Stirling time) due to the treatment of skin diseases with agents containing triethyltin. For the restrictions of organotin compounds, the EU has previously issued 89/677/EEC, 1999/51/EC and 2002/62/EC, stipulating that organotin mixtures used as biocides in free association paint (free association paint) cannot be marketed.

Storage conditions for organotin catalysts

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